Grant Enables 7th Grade Class to Add to Inventory

Many of our parents are professionals in our community.  Often they provide expertise and resources, which are extremely valuable to the students.

That is the case for one parent Carol Batemen, who is a business director at PPG Industries. She was able to help Pine-Richland Middle School John Slepak apply for a $900 grant to purchase temperature probes for his seventh-grade science classroom. Mr. Slepak was able to purchase 16 probes that were divided into two sets.  Students use the probes in class to collect temperature data.  The software graphs the data and students analyze the graphs.

During the lesson shown in the slideshow above, students were able to create a chemical reaction with baking soda and vinegar, measure the change in temperature of the reaction, and analyze the data.  The Vernier software and probe allows students to take the temperature and construct a graph.  Students interpret the graph to determine how the temperature changed during the reaction.