Students Earned History Day Awards

History Pine-Richland Middle School students earned top awards at the Pittsburgh National History Day hosted at the Heinz History Center on March 5-6, 2016. This year's theme was Exploration, Encounter and Exchange in History.  

Second Place Winners:

Eighth Grader Olivia McGeary - Individual Performance Category with project entitled “The Women’s Suffrage Movement: Exploring Their Rights and Encountering Resistance to Change”

Eighth Grader Molly Gaffey - Individual Documentary Category with project entitled “Jonas Salk: Scientific Sleuth”

Eighth Graders Alice Kimmel, Chalondra Clarke, Isabella Boyd - Group Website entitled Charles Darwin – “Theory of Evolution”

Eighth Graders  Kaitlyn Newport, Sedona Rocher - Group Documentary with project entitled Dorothea Dix: Exploring Mental Health Reform

Third Place Winners

Eighth Graders Kang-Young Kim, Alex Phillips, Aidan Pavlick, CJ Anderson - Group Documentary with project entitled “Leonardo DaVinci: Renaissance Revolutionary”

Eighth Graders Hayden Unitas, Lindsay Holland, Zoe Farrar, Josey Brashear - Group Website entitled “Alice Paul”

The students worked qualified for the state competition that was hosted on May 10-11 in Millersville Univesrity near Lancaster, PA

Teachers Eric Brown and Joseph Bailey oversaw student participation in the program.