Students Incorporate Cloud Computing

Google While students at Pine-Richland High School began using cloud computing via Google Apps for Education this spring, students in one Pine-Richland Middle School classroom got a jump on using the cloud computing for a classroom project.

Teacher Jennifer Fink says groups in English 8 classrooms worked on projects and had the opportunity to use any platform to present their projects. One group made up of eighth graders Joe Maggi, Joe Folmer, Ethan Smelser, Cameron Kirkland, Mitchell Dugan, and Cooper Jarosz used Googledocs to collaborate in a shared document and/or folder. The students were working on an end of unit project in relation to the historical novel Time Enough For Drums

"Each group was assigned a different subtopic and told to create a presentation of the information to the class in any format," said Ms. Fink.  "This group of boys were assigned the historical aspects and how they coincided with the fictional aspects."

Google Apps for Education provides our students and teachers with a platform to communicate and collaborate in a safe, online environment using email, word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet tools.  Through this initiative, students are able to engage in activities designed to help them discover the opportunities and responsibilities that coincide with online learning.