Students Participate in Rare Opportunity

Skype About 40 eighth grade students had the rare opportunity to speak with a Holocaust survivor.
The number of Holocause survivors are dwindling and are estimated in the low hundreds across the world, so a Skype sessopm with Holocaust survivor Kitty Hart-Moxon on May 24, 2016 was extra special for students. 
Pine-Richland Middle School Teacher Kristy Rush said students had a chance to speak with Ms. Hart-Moxon for about an hour. 
Students learned that she was in the Lublin Ghetto in Poland and escaped five times.  She was finally able to secure false documents to work in Germany.  She was turned in by fellow workers and sentenced to death.  This sentence was commuted to life in prison in Auschwitz.  She then was sent to several other camps including Gross-Rosen and Bergen-Belsen. 
Ms. Hart-Moxon encouraged students to continue learning.  She said to prevent another mass tragedy in the future, they must learn from the past.  Ms. Hart-Moxon has done much work with the Education Day Trust in England and the USC Shoah Foundation.  She also has written several books and done multiple documentaries.