Groups Recognize School Board

Each year, Pine-Richland School District sets aside time to recognize members of the Pine-Richland School Board during School Board Appreciation Month at its regular meeting in January.  Across the state, Pennsylvania School Boards Association chooses this time to honor those who volunteer time and energy to the community and to education in some form. PR School Directors serve our students and educational system by volunteering numerous hours to set policy and direction each year. This year’s recognition program is being highlighted along with the statewide campaign
PA Public Schools: Success Starts Here.”
The campaign reminds us that our elected school directors play a significant role in creating the environment where those successes can happen.  Members of the PR School Board include: Dr. Jeffrey Banyas, president; Mrs. Therese Dawson, vice president; Dennis Sundo, treasurer; and directors: Mr. Marc Casciani, Mr. Greg DiTullio, Mrs. Virginia Goebel, Mrs. Holly Johnston, Mr. Peter Lyons and Mr. Steven Stegman, along with Mrs. Barbara Williams serving as board secretary.

The boardroom was packed with students, staff and parents who wanted to express their appreciation for board members on January 23, 2017. About seven student, staff and parent groups were represented. Each participant spoke and shared their appreciation including Pine-Richland Education Support Professional Association Representative Karen Murrin. 

"On behalf of our members, I would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the members of the School Board," she said. "We appreciate your service to our community and the leadership you provide to Pine-Richland School District. As a district we promote the values of personal growth, resiliency, innovation, diverse opportunity and engagement. As a member of the school board you ​establish a vision for our education program, and help maintain the structure to achieve that vision and instill these values. Thank you for your commitment to public education and the service you provide as you make​ the difficult decisions that affect the lives and futures of students, teachers, school staff and the quality of life in our community."

The following groups shared their appreciation and donations:

>  Pine-Richland High School Spirit Social Senior Class Officer Melissa Zentz (Appreciation & Cards)

> Pine-Richland High School Senior Lacrosse Player Alexa Mellis  (Appreciation & Cards)

> Pine-Richland Middle School PTO President Susan Bang-Hong (Appreciation & Donation to PROF in recognition of the board.)

> Pine-Richland Education Association President Christofer Vins (Appreciation & Monetary Donation for Library Books)

> Pine-Richland Education Support Professional Association Representative Karen Murrin (Appreciation & $500 Scholarship for Student Pursing Education Degree)

> Pine-Richland Opportunities Fund President Moira Singer & Secretary Deborah Lund (Appreciation, Ongoing Program Support & Gift Bags)

> Eden Hall Upper Elementary School Co-Vice Presidents Tiffany Meyer & Cindy Fela (Appreciation & Monetary Donation for Character Education Program)

> Wexford Elementary School PTO Heather Weitzel (Appreciation & PTO donated money for purchase of books for Wexford Elementary School Library)