District Updates Nondiscrimination Policies

District Updates Policies
Earlier this school year, the Pine-Richland School School Board updated and adopted policies, which included:
  • Nondiscrimination in School & Classroom Practices - Policy #103
  • Nondiscrimination - Qualified Students With Disabilities - Policy #103.1
For each of the policies, the district also developed new administrative regulations, which provide detailed procedures on how to put the policies into practice.
Recently Approved & Updated Policies

Policy 103

Nondiscrimination in School & Classroom Practices

The school district shall provide to all students, without discrimination, course offerings, counseling, assistance, employment, athletics and extracurricular activities. 
The equitable distribution of district resources is one means the district shall use to ensure all students receive a quality education. 
The school district shall make reasonable accommodations for identified physical and mental impairments that constitute handicaps and disabilities.
Read more about Policy 103.

Policy 103.1

Nondiscrimination - Qualified Student with Disabilities in the 
Grievance Process
The  district shall provide to each qualified student with a disability enrolled in the district, without cost to the student or parent/guardian, a free and appropriate public education.  
This includes provision of education and related aids, services, or accommodations which are needed to afford each qualified student with a disability equal opportunity to participate in and obtain the benefits from educational programs and extracurricular activities without discrimination. Read more about Policy 103.1.

Administrative Regulations for Policy 103 & 103.1

To provide direction, detailed procedures to ensure policies are put into practice uniformity, the district also developed new administrative regulations. The administrative regulations are available to all employees. To read more about the administrative regulations, visit the following links below:
Policies and regulations can be found via the website & school handbooks.
Additional Policies
The district and board will continue reviewing policies throughout the year. We will alert families of any major changes or additions. You can join us at board and committee meetings to be a part of the discussion and also visit  www.pinerichland.org/policyupdates from time to time.