Cadet Earns Medal of Valor

During a surprise presentation on December 7, 2016
, PRHS AJFROTC Cadet Henry Gaffey was presented the Silver Valor Award.

Major Michael Morrison and Chief Michael Gasparetto surprised the cadet with a special awards presentation.  This is the second highest honor that a cadet can receive.

PRHS AFJROTC Cadet Henry Gaffey earned the medal for coming to the aid of a fellow scout during a two-week hike in New Mexico this past summer, when a scout was bitten by a Diamondback Rattlesnake. The ninth grader calmly and with great care administered first aid he had learned during training he had received from a Wilderness First Aid course he took prior to going on the trip.  Cadet Gaffey’s quick thinking and calming demeanor was vital in helping his fellow scout survive this life threatening situation. 

The surprise presentation will took place in front of Henry’s fellow cadets.

Major Morrison says that Cadet Henry Gaffey’s heroic deed emulates all that the AFJROTC represents - the core values of integrity first, service before self and excellence in all that cadets do.

PA State Representative/Speaker of the House Michael Turzai and the cadet’s family was on hand for the presentation.