Students Earn State Awards at State Association Conference

TSA More than 1,800 students competed in the 2017 Pennsylvania Technology Student Association State Conference in April. Pine-Richland High School students earned top awards.

  • Seniors Rob Scherer, Josh Trant and Tanner Zang earned first place for Remote Control Off-Road Racing.

  • Junior James Baxter earned second for Computer Aided Design in Engineering. James.
  • Senior Ryan Schonbachler earned third in Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

  • Junior Michael Dolgos earned third place for Computer Aided Design in Architecture. 
Pine-Richland High School students also earned 7th, 9th and 10th places as well. You can view the entire list of  top 10 winners from PRHS. 
Results from the Regional TSA Competition Held at California University of PA on February 16, 2017.
Architectural Design (1st Place)
  • Lauren Allen
  • Chris Gebheart
  • Micheal Dolgos
CAD Architecture
  • 1st Place-Michael Dolgos
  • 3rd Place- Chris Gebheart
CAD Engineering
  • 1st Place- James Baxter
  • 5th Place- Chris Gebheart
  • 6th Place- Gillian Brachocki
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) (1st Place)
  • James Baxter
  • Ryan Schonbachler
Flight Endurance (3rd Place)
  • Casey Mann
Music Production (2nd Place)
  • Jack Hutchison
On Demand Video (4th Place)
  • Aidan Murrin
  • Luke Nolan
  • Jack Martin
  • Michael Junker
Photographic Technology (2nd Place)
  • Rachel Jarman
Systems Control (2nd Place)
  • Jon Wosiak
  • James Baxter
Video Game Design (1st & 3rd Place)
  • James Baxter
  • Nathan Chang
  • Eric Maloney
  • Aidan Murrin
  • John Bateman
  • Julien Rovera
  • Jack Martin
  • Luke Nolan
Technology Problem Solving (2nd Place)
  • Steven Gleyze
  • John Bateman
Congratulations to the students and their sponsor Evan Clark.