Students Named Top Fundraisers

Fundraisers Pine-Richland Middle School students raised more than $2,000 in its candy sales fundraiser.  Parent and Staff Association representative Denise Duerksen says the fundraiser benefits school programs including Ram Rewards and the Eighth Grade Recognition program.
The winners included:
  • Ryan Daniels (7th grade) is our first place winner with $777.15 in sales and wins a 21-inch Sarris chocolate bunny
  • John Desantes (8th grade) is our second place winner with $503.40 in sales and wins an 18-inch Sarris chocolate bunny.
  • Caroline Duerksen (7th grade) is our third place winner with $310.40 in sales and wins a 15-inch Sarris chocolate bunny.
Five additional winners earned an Honorable Mention and a 6-inch chocolate bunny for selling over $180 in chocolate.  The students are: 
  • Eric Sauers (7th grade) with $278.75 in sales
  • Taylor McWilliams (7th grade) with $237.60 in sales
  • Joshua Pugh (8th grade) with $236.35 in sales
  • Hailey Rihn (8th grade with $199.15 in sales 
  • Emma Hoffman (7th grade) with $180.80 in sales
"Thank you to all who supported the Sarris candy sale," said Mrs. Duerksen.