EH Honors Veterans

Eden Hall Upper Elementary School honored veterans on November 11, 2016. Staff, students and parents invited veterans to speak about their experiences under the direction of Counselor Brad-Leigh Coker and EHUE PTO Representative Yvonne Balouris.  
Parent Rob Mercuri, a cadet at West Point, spoke to students about his service time of five years and honoring his oath. He served in Iraq.
"One reason it is important to celebrate Veterans' Day is because when we send our troops overseas to war, it is very dangerous," he said. 

He demonstrated and had students learn how to salute an officer. 

Mark Will, who was a surface war officer, spoke about Navy Seals and how the US has respect for all.

"They are the best of the best," he said. "We have mutual respect for everyone. That's what makes the US so unique." 
He also talked about resiliency while in the Navy.
In another room, Stacey Conlin spoke about her time in the Navy and about basic training.
John Locke, who served as midshipman, detailed daily live on a Naval carrier from the moment they awoke to have a morning meeting that would plan the day's work to drills, training and retiring for the evening.
Some students  had the chance to hear from parent Jim Slomka, who served as an Army helicopter pilot. Some of his duties included flying past presidents along with the Secret Service. He shared his thinking with students on how he learned to land his helicopter while in times of distress. He did tell the class how getting letters from anyone was helpful.

"I encourage you to send letters to anyone in the military," said Jim Slomka. 
Ed Malinowski spoke about the US Marines. He currently works for Westco and is a PR wide-receiver coach. He spent a total of three years in Iraq.  He still uses the things he learned in the military to this day at his current job.

Parent Jeff McHugh spent four years in the military and spoke about his travels to Italy, Spain and France.
These were just some of the speakers to share their stories on Veterans' Day.  
For the special event, students, staff and PTO put together this tribute to veterans with the help of Media & Web Services Coordinator Bill Clack.