Student Designs Visitor Kiosk

(November 11, 2016) Eden Hall Upper Elementary School visitors are getting a high-tech introduction of the school thanks to a partnership between Eden Hall Upper Elementary, Chatham University of Falk School of Sustainability and the Pine-Richland Opportunities Fund.

Sixth grader Brandon Wees designed a visitor kiosk equipped with two interactive touchscreens programmed by students with information about Eden Hall including history, architecture and more about the green-school concept design.

“The kiosk serves as a learning center to whoever is new to Eden Hall,” said Brandon. “My grandfather helped build the structure in his woodshop.”

In addition to serving as a learning center, the structure will also serve as a nursery for plants native to Pennsylvania, which will be planted and grown in a student designed and maintained outdoor garden.

EHUE partners with Chatham University Falk School of Sustainability to educate students about sustainable features of a school and sustainable living and collaborate on projects aimed at getting students to learn more about design solutions around those concepts.

“The Sustainable School initiative is designed to educate by bringing awareness to the student body, and to leave the world better than we found it,” said Eden Hall Upper Elementary School GATE Teacher Joanna Sovek.

PROF kicked in $750 to make this project happen.