Students Challenged to Read 100,000 Minutes

The Hance Elementary School PTO came up with a unique fundraiser called “Whooo's Reading,” an online read-a-thon.

Students not only set reading goals and learned about cyber safety, they  earned money to help support the PTO that funds lots of school projects.

"It was a fantastic, very fun, fundraiser that got our kids reading, while learning about cyber safety and raising money all at once," PTO representative Liana Murray said. "Our goals were to raise $4,500, and read for 100,000 minutes."

Students surpassed the goal, read 105,678 minutes and raised $6,242. 

Dr. John Mayberry, principal, promised to color his hair pink on March 10, 2017 if the goal was met. He kept his word. Ms. Murray did the honors of spray-painting his hair.

Ms. Murray and GATE/Computer teacher Danielle Czegan coordinated the program.

Students could log on to a special program and log hours read, cheer on their fellow classmates and see who was reading.

Top readers received a certificate and gift certificate for the upcoming book fair.  Second Grader Evan Daruwalla was the top reader with 3,231 minutes logged.