Cross Fit Club Incorporates Fun into Fitness

Cross Fit with Jump Rope
Students are jumping into fitness feet first at Eden Hall Upper Elementary School thanks to a junior and his sister.

Junior Rhys Rocher and his sister Kaylyn Rocher, who graduated in 2015, started an after-school program at Eden Hall Upper Elementary School called Cross Fit with Jump Rope.

Now that Kaylyn has graduated, Rhys organizes and runs the four to five-week program on Wednesdays after school with the assistance of a rotation of high school volunteers. The program is designed for both boys and girls.  When students sign up they get a competition rope to practice and take home with them.

About 20 fourth through sixth graders sign up for the program, which is often hosted one to two times a year. Some students like it so much that they participate the next year.

Rhys develops a series of lesson plans that teaches the kids complicated rope jump skills.  This includes double Dutch, mastering the double under, speed jumping, and fun skills like doing the Irish Jig while jump roping, etc.

Parent Karen Rocher says the purpose of the program goes beyond jump roping.  

“It is to provide inexpensive, portable exercise options for kids as well as to simply come after school and have fun,” she said.  “The kids have a great time.”