Students Learn Scientific Concepts


What happens when you combine hundreds of students, science experiments and a healthy dose of competition? The result is a successful formula for engaging students in the scientific principles.  
Each year, fourth grade students learn about STEAM-related principles such as buoyancy, reflection and physics. This year students participated in a variety of  science exploration project  including “Slowly Sinking Animals,” “Lab Ratz,” "Barge Building", "Slowly Sinking Animals," "Rubber Band Catapult," "Tower of Terror," "Sink or Float," and the "Circuit Wizardry" just to name a few.  “Reflection Relay” and much more.

This year’s program  took place April 20-21, 2017.   Prior to the program, organizers host team-building events in which students chose team names. Each group name was more creative than the next. Students chose team names such as the Impressive Inventors, Radical Robots, Toxis Tornadoes to the Kinetic Kittens.