Parents Help Students Research

Parents played an important role in one classroom project on March 9, 2017. Students in Richland Elementary Teacher Becky Fickes' kindergarten classroom have been researching rainforest animals. The teacher invited parents in to help with small groups of students to research  rain forest animals.
"They helped the students read and find facts about their animal, and they helped them write about it," she said.
Students learned about the layers of the rain forest, the ecosystem, weather patterns and even about some rainforest animals like the spider monkeys and tapirs .
The group then taught the rest of the class about their rainforest animal.
"The parents love to come in and be a part of their child's classroom," Ms. Fickes said. "They are so impressed with what their kiddos can do by this point of the year. The kiddos are so proud of their work and they love to be the teacher for day. I think it is a great way to show parent engagement and partnering in their child's learning."