Wexford Highlights Every Day Heroes

Wexford Elementary School second-grade teachers put a unique spin on the language arts and social studies curriculum. They are focusing on Everyday Heroes.  The teachers invite guest speakers to Wexford as representatives of every day heroes in our community.

This year’s every day heroes include: Nurse Melissa Sharp, Coach Dave Gray, Guidance Counselor Amy Sclight, Principal Dr. Rick Walsh and Northern Regional Police Officer Mike Dorsch and his K-9 dog.

Dr. Walsh told students that every day heroes are the people who consistently sacrifice their needs and interests of others.

Students were eager to ask the principal questions about some of his job duties.

“Some people have barriers to learning,” Dr. Walsh said. “I work with the teachers to remove barriers so students can learn.”

Teachers Lisa Olson, Leslie Doane, Margo Kohler, Julie Seifert and Amanda Walters collaborated on the project.

The teachers also said students had a chance to read biographies of famous heroes like Jackie Robinson. Each primary school including Hance and Richland have been focusing on essential questions and text-dependent writing as a part of the Everyday Hero unit.