Teachers Are Finding Movement Secret to Success in Class


Elementary teachers are hoping three different grants help their students get their students moving about during lessons. Normally
a teacher encourages students to sit still. That's not the case for some teachers at Richand Elementary and Hance Elementary schools, where teachers have received grants for special furniture and special training to work in movement in the classroom. 


The following teachers earned grants and include:
  • Richland Elementary Second Grade Teacher Tracy Hanna received a grant to create a flexible seating classroom equipped with wiggle chairs (stools with rounded bases rather than flat bases), stability discs/inflatable cushions to build core strength, yoga balls, pillows, rocking chairs and standing desks just to name a few.  Her grant was funded by the Pine-Richland Opportunities Fund.Teacher Becky Fickes says she also added some of the furniture to her classroom.
  • Hance Elementary Reading Specialist Carin Liberati earned a grant from  DonorsChoose.org  to purchase Learniture “wobble chairs."
  • Richland Elementary Second Grade Teacher Kathy Giegel's searned a “Leap into Action” grant from the Pittsburgh-based Attack Theatre and the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation to incorporate kinesthetic learning into her lessons. She has been able to do lessons about science through dance and students get to act out stories rather than just read in their seats.
The story is being featured in the Pine Creek Tribune Review.