Mathematics Plus Competition Equals Success

Mathematics and competition can equal success thanks to staff members. Pine-Richland hosted a math contest. The contest consisted of an exam made up of word problems, application of math skills, and higher level /critical thinking problems.  Thousands of students participated across the world in this competition, which is known as Math Kangaroo. 

The primary building's gifted students worked in the Pine-Richland Spirit Room all day on Math activities and the test. 

Teacher Jennifer Kopach, who helped with participation, said Eden Hall had more than 40 GATE students participate in the exam and then work through various stations of math throughout the day in the Eden Hall Large Group Auditorium.

Hance Teacher Danielle Czegan, who served as the primary contact and at Hance Elementary School said PR had some top winners. They included fourth grader Andrew Pipeling, who earned first place in the state and first place in the nation, earning him a gold medal. Other fourth grade winners included Ian Hurt, who placed sixth in the state and eighth in the nation; Nathan Lee who placed seventh in the state and ninth in the nation; and William Tamburri who placed 11th in the state and 14th in the nation. Also placing were sixth grader Luke Kastner, who placed fifth in the state and 19th in the nation, and sixth grader Ben Rishel, who placed sixth in the state and 20th in the nation.  At the primary level, third graders Aaron Farrar, Kim Younghoon and Lucio Sherron placed fifth, fifth and eighth respectively.

Wexford Elementary School Librarian Maria McCormick assisted in the program as well at the primary level.