March Message from Superintendent

March 30, 2017

Greetings to Pine-Richland Students, Parents and Community,

As superintendent at Pine-Richland, I have shared a message with the community each month beginning in July 2013. This approach was designed to accomplish two main priorities. First, it is an opportunity to celebrate successes of the various major groups within our schools (i.e., students and staff). Second, it is an opportunity to provide strategic information about the direction and initiatives of the district. I am extremely proud of the effort of both our students and our staff. This month’s update will again focus on those two main priorities.

As context for this update, I want to highlight a few points from our mission, vision, and values. The PRIDE acronym is used to outline the following values: personal growth; resiliency; innovation; diverse opportunities; and engagement. We define resiliency as the ability to “adapt well in the face of hard times and build upon one’s strengths.” On behalf of the district, I would like to congratulate the PR boys’ basketball team for an incredible season and performance in the 6A State Championship Game in Hershey. They earned the right to compete in that game based on a combination of skill, athleticism, strategy, and the intangible qualities of high-performing teams.

The basketball team is an example of resiliency based on the environment of the state championship contest. Almost 10,000 fans were present in the Giant Center in Hershey. The vast majority of those fans were dressed in the red and black of Reading High School. When our team took the floor, they were greeted with a chorus of “boos.” Athletes love this type of challenge and environment! Our boys proceeded – again – to demonstrate skill, tenacity, and teamwork in an outstanding contest. They demonstrated resiliency in this ability to perform in a tough environment and build on their strengths. Congratulations!

In our vision “picture,” we describe learning in various ways. For example, we believe that learning happens inside and outside the classroom. We believe that learning requires effort and persistence. We also believe that learning involves students, staff, parents, and community. We are so proud of all of the students, staff, and parents for the production of Joseph and the Amazing TechnicolorDreamcoat. It is hard to think of a better example of learning than the high school musical. Students are engaged in all aspects of performance, music, stage crew, and video production. Parents assisted with many of the details that support an outstanding performance of this type. The community attended in significant numbers. Congratulations!

Focused on Learning Picture  

These are just two of many examples at Pine-Richland that deserve celebration. Even though these are not traditional classroom academic subjects, they are vital to the overall health and opportunities needed to Focus on Learning for Every Student Every Day.


Thank you again for your efforts to support students and families at PR.

Brian Miller 

*Resiliency definition adapted from APA (2011)