Understanding AIMSWeb

Dear Families of Grade K-6 Students,
AIMSweb assessments are given to students in grades K-6, and they are typically administered three times per year (fall/winter/spring). AIMSweb assessments are brief, individual tests that measure the overall performance of key skills at each grade level. 
Your child will be bringing home a copy of his/her AIMSweb report on the following dates:
  • May 27, 2016 - K-3rd Grades
  • June 1, 2016 - 4th - 6th Grades
Depending on the grade level of your child, the assessments may include one or more of the following: 

  • Letter Naming Fluency- Students name as many letters (in random order) as possible in one minute. (Kindergarten - Fall, Winter & Spring)
  • Letter Sound Fluency - Students provide the sounds that letters make during a one minute time. (Kindergarten - Fall, Winter & Spring)
  • Phoneme Segmentation - Students are given words orally and asked to segment the words into individual letter sounds. Example: (rat - r-a-t). (Kindergarten: Winter & Spring & 1st Grade: Fall)
  • Nonsense Word Fluency- Students are asked to provide the sounds or read nonsense words for one minute (naf, gop, etc.). (Kindergarten: Winter & Spring & 1st Grade: Fall plus Winter & Spring if below R-CBM Fluency)
  • R-CBM (Reading Fluency) - Students read three passages (1 minute each), and the middle fluency score is reported. (1st Grade: Winter & Spring & 2nd-6th Grades: Fall, Winter & Spring)
  • MAZE (Comprehension) - Students are given a passage with every 7th word omitted. Students choose as many correct responses as possible in 3 minutes. (2nd - 6th Grade: Fall, Winter & Spring)  
  • M-CAP (Concepts & Application) - Student problem-solving skills are measured in this 8-minute assessment. (Grades 4-6 - Fall,Winter & Spring)
  • M-COMP (Computation) - Student math operation skills are measured in this 8-minute assessment. (Grades 4-6 - Fall, Winter & Spring)
For information on interpreting your child's scores, please refer to the "Ensuring Reading Success Through Well Checks" or the grade specific information, all of which is located on the district's AIMSweb website under At Your Service and AIMSweb links.  
If you have additional questions regarding the AIMSweb reports, please contact your child's teacher.