How to Be Prepared

How You Can Prepare

  • Be prepared & have a plan in place should there be an early dismissal and your child(ren) are sent home on short notice. Although rare, early dismissals are a possibility due to weather or emergency situations. Now is the time to develop a plan with your child(ren).
  • Be sure your child knows and understand the plan (Make it simple.). Children will be sent home on their school bus if an unexpected early dismissal occurs. Connect-ED (the district's rapid phone notification) will be activated in the elementary buildings if an early dismissal occurs. Be sure to program (724) 625-7773 as a number that will not be blocked if you have a block on your phone.

  • Be sure to check the website, PRTV, local radio stations and/or TV stations for cancelations, delays and early dismissals.

  • A rapid notification call will only be made in unusual circumstances (ex. massive power outages and/or early dismissals), so please monitor radio & TV stations.