How is Delay or Cancellation Determined

What criteria does the district use to decide to delay or close?

Road Conditions
During winter weather, the superintendent consults local weather reports, the national weather service, and police reports. He also consults road crews and the bus company.

The National Weather Service has criteria for each county in PA for calling a Wind Chill Advisory. If the Wind Chill (combination of real temperature and wind speed) is -10 degrees Fahrenheit or lower in Allegheny County, the National Weather Service issues a Wind Chill Advisory. When there is a Wind Chill Advisory during morning pick-up time, school will be delayed if temperatures are predicted to rise during the day. If there is a Wind Chill Advisory that will persist all day, then school may be canceled. Early dismissals for any reason other than an extreme emergency will be avoided if possible
.  Special Note: If the forecasted wind chill is near the threshold, the district's standard practice is to wait until the morning for a delay or cancellation decision. A few degrees difference can impact the decision. 

Important Message to Parents
Be sure your child has dressed appropriately for winter weather. Parents should use their discretion when considering the safety of their children.

What if a Two-Hour Delay is Issued?
Bus pickup and school opening are delayed by two hours. Lunch will be served.

What is the Modified Kindergarten Schedule?
Morning Kindergarten will meet from 11:20 a.m. - 1:05  p.m.
Afternoon Kindergarten will meet from 1:55 p.m. - 3:40 p.m.