PR Offers More Flexible, Convenient Conferencing with Parents

Conferences Sept. 23, 2011 

PRSD Offers More Convenient, Flexible Parent-Teacher Conferencing


Pine-Richland School District is providing parents with more options in conferencing with their children's teachers.


Instead of a designated conference date, parents can schedule more convenient times  

to conference with their children's teachers.   


Teachers will be communicating with parents about this more flexible plan. Parents can reach out to the teachers as well.  


Superintendent Dr. Mary Bucci is encouraging parents and teachers to continue scheduling face-to-face conferences, even if parents believe everything is going smoothly. Parents and teachers should take the time to get to know each other. 


"In the case of an educational need, these conferences are very important and should occur as soon as a need arises," said Dr. Mary Bucci, superintendent. "Parents no longer need to wait for one designated time to have a conference, nor are they limited  

to a 15-minute time frame."


In addition to face-to-face meetings, parents can conference via email and phone. Conferencing is encouraged to be ongoing throughout the year.