Seniors Enjoy Motivational Speaker


On Friday, May 30, 2014, Pine-Richland High School seniors received several life lessons from motivational speaker, Father Scott Seethaler.

Father Seethaler, who has been visiting Pine-Richland and speaking to graduating seniors for approximately ten years, has been a Roman Catholic priest for 45 years.  He was born in Pittsburgh and resides here, but travels around the country speaking to different groups of people.

On Friday, Mr. Peitrusinski introduced Father Seethaler as a “nationally recognized and admired individual.”  Father Seethaler then talked to the students about how to move from the protected environment that high school provides, into an independent college world.

He stated that his goals for the hour were to inspire the students, make them think, and make them laugh.  All of these were achieved.

Some of the most important ideas of the presentation were for the seniors to be patient with their mothers as they move on, to be careful with their grades for the first six to eight weeks, and that college can be the greatest four years of their lives.

Father Seethaler stressed the importance of properly dealing with new roommates and situations, how most students will make their closest friends in college and that almost everybody navigates their college years with great success.

At the end of his speech, Father Seethaler urged the students to keep an open mind.

“Please have a dream.  Have a passion.  Make a difference in the lives of others.”