PR Seniors Celebrate Academic Success

2014 Senior Awards Booklet

Numerous awards were given out at the Class of 2014 Scholastic Recognition Ceremony on Wed., June 11, 2014.  Some of the students who were honored included the National Merit Scholars who were given special pins by the superintendent to wear on their graduation gowns. The top 10 percent of the class was also honored along with Valedictorian Jennifer Lott, Salutatorian Carrie Liebensperger and Tertiary Kyle Pomerleau.

Other top awards given included department awards, PROF scholarships which included the coveted Jeff Calhoun Performing Arts Scholarship.

Finalists include seniors Rachel Halliday, Monica Lacek, Jennifer Lott, Lena Ogiwara and Kyle Pomerleau. Those same students were named “semi-finalists” this fall and were among 16,000 students recognized across the country. About 90 percent of “semi-finalists” are named “finalists” in the program.

In addition, seniors Meher Babbar, Kristen Baxter, Lauren Brown, Sonali Dadoo, Sara Dugan, Tyler Fitzgerald, William Misback and Margaret Shope were named “Commended” students this fall. They are among the 34,000  students in the nation to earn this status.

The National Achievement Scholarship Program also named senior Edem Akwayena as an “Outstanding” participant in the 2014 program. She scored in the top three percent of more than 160,000 African Americans.

The Class of 2014 earned $7.5 million dollars in merit scholarships, and  65 earned individual scholarships of 50,000 dollars or more with one earning $200,000 to attend the US Naval Academy and another $176,000 to attend Dennison University.  More details on individual awards can be viewed in the Senior Awards Program.

-       About 330 students will be attending 108 different colleges and universities in 23 different states including prestigious colleges like Cornell, Johns Hopkins and Carnegie Mellon just to name a few.  Five students are planning to attend business, vocational and or technical school, and five are preparing for a career in the military by enlisting in the US National Guard, US Air Force or US Navy with another student being accepted into the US Naval Academy. Two students will volunteer for mission trips. Click here for more information on the graduate map.

In addition, the PRHS Orchestra played prior to the ceremony, and the PRHS Jazz Band played during the reception.