Elementary Students Learn about Science Behind Bridges

The second grade classes at Wexford Elementary are learning how concepts of force, balance and stability relate to the design of bridges and the field of civil engineering.
The students wrapped up a new ASSET science/engineering kit entitled "Designing Bridges."  As a culminating activity, the students used the engineering design model to create their own bridges.
"The students absolutely loved this new ASSET science kit," said Teacher Lisa Olson. "It was amazing to hear them use the vocabulary from the science unit when building their own bridges.  Words like 'pier, abutments, span, strength, stability, and force' were common place in our classroom!!
On Monday, June 2 at 3 p.m., high school students from the STEAM class, "Advanced Systems Engineering," visited Wexford.  They showed off some of the bridges that they designed and built in their class.  
Their PRHS Teacher Jeff Seybert and  Wexford Elementary Teacher Lisa Olson planned this opportunity for the students.
'"His students looked forward to sharing their bridges with us at Wexford," Olson said.  "Our second grade students will love seeing these advanced bridge designs.  It will challenge them to think about classes they can take in the future to further their knowledge of civil engineering!"