'Oh the Places They Will Go'

Map Seniors and juniors are documenting the places graduations will go after graduation.  They created what is known as a College Matriculation Map.
The students created a map of the United States and a smaller map of the world with stars designating where each member of the Class of 2014 is going to college, as well as where the PRHS international students are returning after graduation.  
The map is hanging in the foyer of the high school.
Students that helped with the project included juniors Laura Kim, Lizzy Guido, Julia Herrle, Marielle Lynch, Sarah Gordon, Kayley Syzmanski, Helen Guo, Laura Celedon, Jia Kim and Laila Ohlund and seniors Rachel Keeler, Jennifer Lott and Emily Mongilio. The students were assisted by Advisor Jean Whalen.
If you cannot make it to the foyer of the high school, you can see the number of students and where they are attending clicking here.