Quarterly Update for 2018-2019

Process & Timeline One of our key initiatives this year is the development of the PRSD Strategic Plan for 2019-2023. The development and implementation of this plan will drive changes and improvements in our organization. As part of our approach to communication and engagement, we want to involve
members of our business and residential communities,  parent groups, workforce, student body, and those who can have a key voice in supporting and helping the district grow.

As a refinement to the strategic planning process,  individual gallery walks were conducted with 25  members of the organization (e.g., BOE, SLT,  principals, teacher leader, and support professional leader). The gallery walk was used to review SPP history, the 2015 - 2019 process, capture strengths/opportunities, identify strategic advantages/challenges, review PDE requirements, and refine the approach for 2019 - 2023. Daytime and evening Town Hall sessions were held on  October 10th, November 29th/30th, and February 5th. When considering electronic and face-to-face participation, we have had over 400 individuals engaged at one or more points in the process. The final draft PRSD Strategic Plan and PDE Comprehensive Plan will be posted for public review and comment prior to a late spring request for school board action.

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