Advanced Guide To Navigate Building Calendars

PR CommunicationsVirtual Calendar

Pine-Richland School District is pleased to offer a more convenient-to-use virtual calendar.We encourage you to first visit



Calendar Viewing Options

- Homepage Under Upcoming Events

While you can access the calendar through this page, you can access the district calendar on the home page below upcoming events.

- Your Child's Building

However, we encourage you to visit your child’s building website and view the calendar on that page under upcoming events.

Building specific events automatically populate on that page. District wide events will be populated on all building calendar pages.

To See Multiple Building Events & Categories

No matter what calendar page you visit, you can filter various building events onto your page.

So if you have children in more than one building, you can customize your view.


First, click on the Filter Tab above the calendar and then Sub-Site/Site Filter. Then, check which school building events you would like to appear. Options

You can also click on which categories you might like to appear (Community, Music Department and/or District-wide, etc.)


Building Calendars

For your convenience, click below on the appropriate building calendar for your use.

You can always access these by visiting the district homepage and clicking on the Schools Tab in far upper left-hand corner.

Pine-Richland School District Calendar
Pine-Richland High School Calendar
Pine-Richland Middle School Calendar
Eden Hall Upper Elementary School Calendar
Hance Elementary School Calendar
Richland Elementary School Calendar
Wexford Elementary School Calendar


Other Features
There are many other features that you can access on the virtual calendar. Here is an overview of some of the features that are available at your fingertips.

Print Tab - Allows for a clean print of the calendar
LegendTab - Provides the key for color codes that represent each building
Export Tab - Allows you to export dates to load onto your electronic device
RSS Feeds - Allows calendar items to populate on your Google, My Yahoo or My MSN pages

Important Updates
Please be sure to che
ck back to the calendar for important updates or additions.

Share Your Event
If you have an important event that did not make the school calendar, please email with the event title, event summary, date, time, location, contact person, contact phone number and email.