November Message from Superintendent

Message from Superintendent
November 29, 2017
Greetings to PR Students, Parents & Community,
I hope that all of our families enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. We have much to be thankful for at Pine-Richland. The best school systems exist in a community that values the importance of education. When students, parents, and staff work together, it is possible to achieve incredible results. December is a busy month with school, concerts, service projects, and other family activities. Thank you in advance for your support of those varied activities.
In early November, we held two in-service days focused on parent-teacher conferences. This remains a significant investment of time within our school calendar. We recently asked principals to gather information about the type and number of conferences held at each school. We were able to hold thousands of face-to-face and phone conferences. These days reinforce the importance of developing relationships with students and families. They also serve as an opportunity to strengthen trust and two-way communication. Please reach out to your child's teacher or counselor at any time that you would like to discuss progress. Conference days are just one formal opportunity to ensure communication.
The 2017 Academic Achievement and Growth Report was presented to the board and community last week. Although we define student learning, growth, and achievement in a more holistic manner, standardized test results do provide an important measure of performance. The report and presentation are available via this linkIn general, this was a good news report that illustrates gains in both achievement and growth. The results also indicate several areas of focus for continuous improvement.
On December 4th , the school board will hold their annual reorganization meeting. These meetings are held across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for new board members to take the oath of office and to ensure governance responsibilities are met. Effective leadership and governance has a significant impact on organizational performance. Special thanks to outgoing board members for their years and even decade-plus of service. Those members include: Dr. Jeff Banyas; Ms. Therese Dawson; Mr. Dennis Sundo; Ms. Holly Johnston; and Mr. Steve StegmanWelcome to the following new members: Dr. Ben Campbell; Ms. Christine Misback; Mr. Matthew Moye; Dr. Carla Meyer; and Mr. Robert Pavlecic.  We thank the new members - in advance - for their commitment to the students, staff, and community of the Pine-Richland School District.
Thank you again for your support and engagement in the Pine-Richland School District. We look forward to seeing you at the many activities and events.
Brian Miller