Overview of Clubs & Activities



The basic purposes of our clubs and activities are to provide students with an opportunity to develop positive interests and activities for leisure time, and to serve the school and the community.   Students will pay an annual fee for participation in school clubs/activities.

The following is a list of clubs and activities that occurred last year at the middle school and their sponsors.  These clubs/sponsors may change since they are organized in the fall each year based on student interest.  Listen to announcements and watch for posters explaining how to join. Club sponsors may be called for answers to questions.  Most clubs and activities meet after school.  Students must sign up with the club sponsor/teacher when attending after-school activities and must arrange for their own ride home immediately following the conclusion of their activity.  Students must stay with the club sponsor until picked up.  Accordingly, out of respect for the club sponsor’s time, prompt pick-up at the designated time is a must.