Ecology Club

Sponsors:  Mrs. Hillegas, (724-625-3111, v/m 2312) 

Open to:  Grades 7 and 8

Meetings:  Twice a month after school

Purpose:  To provide an opportunity for students to explore many areas of their natural environment.  To educate Pine-Richland students about the natural resources and beauty of Western Pennsylvania and the Pine-Richland area.  To empower and assist students to make a difference in their community through service projects and environmental educational opportunities.

Activities:  Going on nature walks, discussing the importance of different types of ecosystems, and exploring the natural areas around the school and in the community.  Work on planting and growing flowers in our greenhouse and school garden.  Sponsorship of school-related recycling efforts aimed to educate fellow students of the importance of recycling.

How to join:  Listen to the announcements for information or see Mrs. Hillegas in room 312.