Sponsors:  Mrs. Murslack (724-625-3111, v/m 2301)

Open to:  Grades 7 and 8

Meetings:  During homeroom and as needed after school.

Purpose(s):  To broadcast PRMS's daily announcements via a LIVE, or a pre-recorded TV newscast. Plus create additional content (ex. films) to air on PRTV and the district's website. Go to for more information and to our previous broadcasts.

Activities:  Students will learn how to run a professional grade broadcast television studio, write scripts for the daily morning newscasts, and anchor/report LIVE on camera.  Additionally, club members may utilize the club's high-definition (up to 4k) gear to produce their own short films.

How to join:  Listen to the announcements for information, or contact Mrs. Murslack.